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MS in Forensics

Bay Path students work with Dr. Sandra Haddad on the our new  3500 genetic analyzer

Scientific Integrity

Forensic science is continually evolving. It’s a profession with high expectations, and high ethical standards. Bay Path’s Master of Science in Forensics teaches to those principles.

Forensic DNA testing changed the face of the criminal justice system. Today, with the help of DNA analysis and other techniques forensic scientists are solving cold cases, helping define crime scenes, and working with police and legal teams to reliably and accurately contribute to identifying perpetrators. Their scientific knowledge and expertise can have a profound impact: it can be the difference in a conviction, or bring long-awaited closure to families. A profession firmly based on scientific integrity, the contributions of forensic scientists to the workings of the judicial system cannot be underrated. They help to keep our society safe.

Team taught. Team led. Team work.

The program has small classes so you not only understand and practice accurate procedures in collecting and preserving evidence, but you will gain broad knowledge in scientific standards related to crime scene investigation and reconstruction. The professors are practitioners in the field, with leadership in crime labs, and experience in high-profile investigations. Your peers are more than likely working the field, because we’ve developed a program that is for the working professional. And the courses cover a range of disciplines — including DNA analysis, examination of fingerprints or footwear impressions, crime scene reconstruction, and firearm analysis — used to solve criminal cases. Leadership is stamped on the entire program. From management practices to budgeting to human relations, you learn how to run a successful lab. 

Active-based Scenarios.

Reconstruction, real-life simulations, and case observations—in the MS in Forensics the best way to learn is by doing. You may find yourself wearing Kevlar gloves or suit to minimize contamination and for safety. Another time you are investigating a perfectly reconstructed crime scene where your powers of observation are tested. Or you visit a crime lab to understand how quality control and maintenance is addressed. The program is the perfect blend of academic theory, scientific practices, and hands-on.

All the elements to make a confident, proficient, and responsive forensic scientist.

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