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Cara Gardner
Cara Gardner MS in Communications and Information Management
Bay Path College graduate programs

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What do all organizations have in common? The business of information, technology, and communication. They’re assets that are just as important as products and services. And more and more these areas aren’t just meshing together—they’re functions that can be seen as their own single unit. You need a person with a unique perspective to manage this integration. You need a graduate with a MS in Communications and Information Management.

An unconventional approach

It’s not just learning the nuts and bolts of integrated enterprise systems. Or how to analyze the data captured from sales and marketing activities. Yes. You learn organizational models, decision-making, functional data requirements, implementing new communication technologies into day-to-day practices, and all the elements required to ride the wave of real-time change in a global economy.

But you also learn to be the solution. To be comfortable with ideas, and seize opportunities. To work as a team because that’s how it’s done at Bay Path.

This program will change the way you see yourself in the world. And how the world sees you.

Flexible Format!

Classes are scheduled with options: entirely online or on campus or a combination of online and on campus.

  • 1 Year Completion (12 courses - take 2 courses in each of the six 8-week sessions)
  • 2 Year Completion (12 courses - take 1 course in each of the twelve 8-week sessions)

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