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Dual Degree Programs

Customize Your Degree Program to Your Career Plans

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MBA program at Bay Path College

Bay Path University's degree programs can be customized to your career goal by incorporating graduate certificates, combining degree programs, or selecting from a wide-range of electives. It's possible to earn an MBA and study fundraising...or earn an MS in Nonprofit Management and study higher education administration.  We work with you to build your program!

Most graduate degrees consist of just 12 courses, and can be combined to allow you to create your own “customized” Dual-Degree Program with just 20-22 courses. Plus, there are many graduate certificates consisting of only 4 -5 courses that can be combined with a degree program to further enhance your credentials.

Here are some of the options that you can create:

  1. MBA + MS Communications & Information Management = (20 courses; 2 year completion)
  2. MBA + Certificate in Fundraising = (15 courses; 18 month completion)
  3. MS Communications & Information Management + Certificate in Nonprofit Management =
    (15 courses; 18 month completion)
  4. MS Higher Education + MS Strategic Fundraising and Philanthropy = (20 courses; 2 year completion)
  5. MS Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy + MBA = (20 courses; 2 year completion)
  6. MS Special Education + Certificate in Higher Education = (15 courses; 2 year completion)

If you would like to learn more about our customized degree programs, request information or speak with a graduate advisor call 800.782.7284 ext. 1332 or e-mail graduate@baypath.edu.