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Sarah Tsitso G‘09
Sarah Tsitso G‘09 Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy

In her early 20s she had a sense that anything is possible, Sarah Tsitso remembered. 

Currently the Executive Director of the Springfield (MA) Boys and Girls Club, Tsitso’s early-career legacy was recently honored. The 2013 President’s Award of the Association of Fundraising Professionals was given to the collective and Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Massachusetts. But her story starts many years earlier. 

While she was at Simmons College earning a bachelor’s degree in English, she was an intern in the Communications and Public Relations Department at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. “It was my first foray into the world of nonprofits,” she said. “I realized then that this was a meaningful career that would get me out of bed in the morning.”

There were some detours along the way that reinforced this. Tsitso cited a stint as a copywriter and her role as the editor of a hometown newspaper that were necessary steps to turn a calling into a career. 

When she was offered the job as the Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity’s Director of Development, she said it was like “coming home.” The job, her team, and the organization all gave her that sense of purpose that she said is important. But her own goals were set even higher. 

During her tenure at Habitat, a medical emergency in the administration meant that Tsitso took on some of the additional responsibilities from the Executive Director—and she loved it. “The change you can effect at that level is just tremendous,” she stated. A master’s degree was the logical next step.

Because she was already in a high-level administrative position, “I took what I was learning literally every day and put it into practice immediately. I’m a pretty confident person by nature, I knew I could do anything in executive administrations, but the program gave me to tools to do actually do it.”

Tsitso said that nonprofit management and philanthropy is at a crossroads. The industry is reaching new levels of professionalism. “This is unique from earlier generations,” she said. 

“We are expected to be educated, to be collaborative, to be innovative,” she continued. “It’s a whole new generation of nonprofit leaders coming up who not only believe that what they’re doing is important, but also that they need to run their organizations like the CEO of a for-profit company.”

In the first few months of her tenure at the Boys and Girls Club, Tsitso said she’s already hired one current student of the NMP program. And knowing the depth and quality of that education, she said that won’t be the last. “When people see this degree, it states a level of expertise attached to work experience,” she added. “Someone else may have been out in the field as long, but now there’s an edge.” 

Looking back on her education, it was the soul-searching that she underwent very early in her master’s that she thinks about most. “What I decided back then was that I wanted to work with at-risk youth in the inner city,” she remembered. “And that’s what I do. Every single day. I come into work every day and live my dream. I’ve become exactly who I wanted to be.”

For Tsitso, it’s all about realizing that anything is possible if you work hard enough to make it happen. She became the person she wanted to be, and now she’s hoping to make that dream happen for others.

Bay Path College graduate degree programs

ONLINE or ON CAMPUS—Complete Your Degree Program “Your Way!”

We offer all of our nonprofit and fundraising courses on-line and also offer all of our core classes on-campus. This means you can complete your program entirely on line or take most of your courses on campus. It’s totally up to you.

There is no greater reward than doing good. Across the country, across the world, people come to work in the nonprofit sector because they have decided to do something bigger than themselves. The nonprofit professionals work in nonprofits that are as different from one another as are for-profit companies. And nonprofits ARE different from for-profits. But they have one thing in common: the end product or service is not about money, but about touch. And there are many hands that contribute to that final handshake, pat on the back, or even a hug.

Maximizing Your Mission

You’ve been working in the field. Or maybe you’re looking for a purpose in your life. The MS in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy is designed for nonprofit senior professionals or people who want to be the CEO of their organization. Simply put—the people who want to make a difference. Who want to be leaders.

So be prepared to be engaged in the classroom (both online and on ground). There’s active give and take among professors and students. Projects aren’t just from a textbook, but come from nonprofits that need a helping hand, or an idea you have that could change your organization. This is your opportunity to blend theory with practice. And you’ll have a group of like-minded peers that will support and encourage you along the way.

The breadth of content in the program ranges across the nonprofit spectrum so you know what it takes to run, manage, and lead an organization: strategic planning, financial analysis, board governance, fundraising, volunteer management and other areas critical to being a successful organization. That’s what makes this program unique. It’s student-centered AND nonprofit centered.

Balancing the Equation

The NPM program recognizes the challenges of the New Economy. In a world of limited resources, nonprofit organizations compete for media attention, recognition, and, most importantly, funding. That’s why there’s a special focus in the program on being financial independent. Of shifting the organization so the emphasis is on the mission, and not just the money. Of getting the job done well.

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