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Dr. Larry Snyder talks about our MS in Cybersecurity Management program

Cyber attacks. Cyber incidents. Cyber intrusions. These are new words that are emerging as hot buttons in our daily language. Increasingly, we are learning how cyber threats are posing serious challenges to our businesses, organizations, and government. On all fronts, the need for cybersecurity professionals far outpaces the supply. In particular, the area of cybersecurity management is at the forefront in this domain.

The totally online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management is ideal for those in the field who want to expand their knowledge of management and cybersecurity, as well as for those who work in related areas and want to enter this growing field.

Our MS in Cybersecurity Management cuts across organizational lines, taking a holistic approach to protecting digital assets (data, software programs, and networks). The emphasis is on developing cybersecurity leaders who:

  • Develop effective risk assessment programs;
  • Develop holistic governance programs for managing information risk
  • Integrate security into the organizational culture while engaging all organizational stakeholders;
  • Assess the impact of human factors and security strategies and potential breaches of security;
  • Understand legal and regulatory requirements in the United States and internationally;
  • Develop and implement information assurance and security policies, including emergency management policies; and
  • Develop and ensure quality control in information assurance and security management.

With our MS in Cybersecurity Management you will be at the forefront at addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Dr. Snyder in the Media:

Is Your Company Prepared for a Cyberattack?
BusinessWest, May 20, 2014
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Heartbleed: How to Keep Yourself Safe on the World Wide Web
WHMP AM1400/1240/FM96.9

A panel of experts explored the Heartbleed security flat that’s affected millions of people’s social media acocunts. They talked about how to keep your online information safe from hackers, and explain how to prevent identity theft. Click here to listen.

Hold the Phone

How can you keep your cell phone and mobile personal information safe? These were the questions that Brett Connolly, Boston’s Fox 25 News anchor, asked Bay Path’s Professor Larry Snyder, program director for the MS in Cybersecurity Management. Watch the video link, and learn some tips on how to protect your phone and its contents. 

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