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Noel-Levitz Certificate Program

Graduate programs at Bay Path University

Bay Path University Curriculum. The Noel-Levitz, Inc. Certificate.

Noel-Levitz, a premier enrollment management firm, recognizes the acquisition of specific key enrollment management competencies with its "Noel-Levitz Certificate in Enrollment Management." 

Students who successfully complete Bay Path University's six-course series in enrollment management can apply to receive the Certificate from Noel-Levitz.

Applicable immediately to today’s Enrollment Management environment, the new six-course series focuses on distinctly relevant cutting-edge practices in the following areas: key enrollment management principles and practices, financial aid, technology, retention, marketing, and strategic enrollment management planning.

Students in Bay Path’s online graduate program can complete a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in enrollment management electing the EM six-course series, or they can enroll in just the six EM graduate courses listed below. Either makes them eligible for recognition by Noel-Levitz with its Certificate in Enrollment Management.

The six courses in Bay Path's new EM curriculum series are:

  • MHE 627 Enrollment Management Principles and Practices
  • MHE 645 Higher Education Marketing and Communications
  • MHE 656 Financial Assistance in Higher Education
  • MHE 654 Technology Applications to Enrollment Management
  • MHE 652 Retention in Higher Education
  • MHE 658 Strategic Planning for Enrollment Management

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